DreamSpark Plan Comparison

Why Pango Financial’s DreamSpark plan is right for you

The DreamSparkTM plan provides immediate savings of up to $1,000 and ongoing savings of up to $240 a year when your business could use that extra money the most without losing expertise, compliance or plan customization. The DreamSpark plan includes all the required services to invest your retirement savings in your business while keeping your funds tax-deferred and penalty free.

Review the services provided and see how the DreamSpark plan provides you more value for less.

Let us help you forge your future!

Pango Financial Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3

Program setup fee

$3,995 $4,995 $4,795 $4,995

Monthly plan maintenance & support


$139 + $3.33 for each

employee after 10

$120 $130

FREE registered agent services for first year


24/7 online guided step-by-step plan setup

No No No

Online status checker

No No No

Online customer forum to seek and share advice

No No No

Certified business valuation for new businesses*


C corporation state filing fees & expedited service included (expedited service in California not included)

Obtain corporate federal employer identification number (EIN)

Corporate recordbook

Stock certificates & stock ledger

Plan setup

Customized retirement plan with the feature to invest in your business

Pre-approved plan document by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Plan Trust Identification Number (TIN)

Bank Account and Rollover Assistance

Instructions to set up your corporate bank account

Instructions to set up your plan bank account or custodial account

Instructions and required forms to request your rollover

Stock issuance calculation form

Based on research conducted January 2016.
* This service is provided by an independent certified third party valuation firm and is only
available for brand new C corporations that were not capitalized prior to engagement of this service.