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Join the Pango broker-partner team

Join the Pango broker-partner team

At Pango Financial, we help entrepreneurs secure the funding they need to embark on the dream of business ownership. While we serve a wide range of aspiring and existing business owners, a large segment of our universe includes franchisees.

Not surprisingly, many of our clients are also clients of business brokers—especially those who specialize in franchise sales. By working closely together with brokers, we’ve found ways to create synergies that enhance the process for everyone. The result: a broker-partner program that’s a win-win for participating brokers and our mutual clients. Consider these reasons to become a Pango Financial broker-partner:

Stronger closure rate: As a leading lender with cutting-edge products, we have deep knowledge about SBA-backed and other financial products geared for small businesses. Our innovative DreamSpark plan, in particular, delivers significant tax advantages while it lets clients roll their retirement investments into a source of business funding. By connecting your clients with funding from Pango, you maximize ROI for your clients and yourself—with less effort wasted on financing that doesn’t fit with the client’s needs.
Income from referrals: As a Pango Financial broker-partner, you can earn extra income through the referrals you make. That’s income you can use any way you like—including sharing it with clients in the form of discounts.
More leads: Relationships work best when they work in both directions. Many of our clients come to us without the benefit of a relationship with a business broker. Many ask us to refer them to a broker they can trust. Of all the brokers we encounter in our competitive business, broker-partners are the ones we trust most.
Support services: We provide sophisticated online tools that streamline processes, educate prospects and help close deals. These resources make your agency more attractive to your clients by empowering you to offer a more comprehensive service and a better overall experience.

We succeed when you and your clients succeed. We specialize in business funding options that are much easier to get than a bank loan, without debt, interest payments, tax or penalty. Contact us at 1-855-WHY-PANGO (1-855-949-7264) to learn more about our broker-partner program and the advantages it provides for your business and your clients.