Forge a better future with the DreamSpark® plan

Forge a better future with the DreamSpark® plan

If you’re ready to open up an exciting new future for yourself, the celebrated DreamSpark® plan from Pango Financial can accelerate it—in as little as two weeks! Whether you’ve got your eye on starting a business from scratch, buying a franchise or independent business, or expanding a current one, DreamSpark offers advantages you can’t get from traditional financing options.

It’s the most cost-effective system for investing in a business. By using retirement savings as a funding source, DreamSpark lets you fund your venture with little or no debt burden. That’s huge, because it keeps cash flowing where you want it, while your retirement investment stays tax-deferred and penalty-free. This 5-minute video explains the program in a nutshell.

The DreamSpark plan is competitively priced while offering key benefits that other plans don’t provide. This comparison chart spells out the costs and benefits of our plan and similar plans from three major competitors. As you’ll see, it costs less and does more. What’s not to like?

You can get your business funded quickly and easily through our 4-step process. The funding specialists at Pango Financial support you through every step, ensuring your legal and regulatory paperwork is complete and error-free. We will continue providing valuable support services over the long haul.

So, stop dreaming and start doing. Give your new business—and the next chapter in your life—the best possible start. With the DreamSpark plan from Pango Financial. Call 1-855-WHY-PANGO
(1-855-949-7264) and we’ll walk you through the process. If you determine DreamSpark is for you, we’ll work with you to forge ahead.

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