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Inspiring TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be mentally fit to do the job. Business coaches and mentors can be a huge resource in this process. There are certain key influencers who have “ideas worth spreading” that can help you get into business, stay in business and maintain balance. Need to be inspired? Listen to these three TED speakers to help you be the best business owner you can be.

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East Atlantic Investment Corporation Backs New Startup, Pango Financial LLC, to Support Small Business

East Atlantic Investment Corporation (EAIC) today announced the launch of a new startup it has helped to fund. Named Pango Financial LLC (Pango), the company will focus on enabling clients to fund the acquisition or recapitalization of new or existing businesses. East Atlantic Investment Corporation’s investment portfolio has included student lending, financial services, and the… Continue Reading

50+ Entrepreneurs

April is National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month and this is an exciting time for individuals age 50 plus to learn about the possibility of entrepreneurship. This is supported by the SBA and AARP who are holding events nationally to educate potential business owners on how to go about making their dream of business ownership a… Continue Reading

IRS Seeks to Ease Plan-to-Plan Rollovers

The DreamSpark plan allows individuals to rollover and invest in the stock of their own business. It is important that individuals take the appropriate steps in rolling over their funds from one qualified plan to another. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is working to make this easier by speeding up the rollover process and minimizing… Continue Reading