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Customize Your 401(k) Plan

The DreamSpark™ plan is not only a way to invest in your business tax deferred and penalty free it is an employee benefit. The DreamSpark plan can be designed as a profit sharing plan or 401(k). Many growing small businesses offer 401(k) benefits to their employees. “Nearly a quarter (24%) of small businesses today offer 401(k) plans to enable their employees to save for retirement, and the number is growing, according to a *ShareBuilder national survey.” Pango Financial™ makes it easy to customize your plan with our intuitive online client experience. You decide on the right plan features for you and your employees. You can learn about some of the options available to customize your 401(k) plan like plan loan options, investment options, Roth saving features and more by clicking the link below.

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3 Ways To Look At Franchising

Individuals consider franchising for a variety of reasons. Why are you pursuing franchising? Are you buying a job opportunity? Has it been a lifelong goal to own a business and franchising is the best option for you? Have you always dreamed of building a business with the people you love and leaving a legacy behind?… Continue Reading

The AARP is looking for some good Baby Boomer entrepreneurs to back

Pango Financial™ has the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all ages. Business ownership can be achieved at any age. Age is just a number. Baby Boomers can be innovative entrepreneurs and even start tech businesses. AARP believes this with the program they rolled out in 2011 at the DEMO conference called “Innovation@50+” they can… Continue Reading

Franchise vs. Business Opportunity: The Debate On Every Entrepreneur’s Mind

When starting a business there are many different paths to entrepreneurship. Some individuals may explore creating a new product or service. Other individuals may want a more turnkey option like a franchise or business opportunity. However, many individuals considering business ownership may not know the difference between a franchise and business opportunity. A franchise opportunity… Continue Reading

Multiple IRAs + Multiple Rollovers = Taxes

Pango Financial™ wants to be sure that our clients have the most up to date information on retirement plan compliance. Many of our clients setup a DreamSpark™ plan and decide to rollover existing retirement savings. The rollover process is an important part of keeping your retirement assets tax deferred and penalty free. In some instances… Continue Reading