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Naming Your Business? Consider These 3 Points First

Naming your business can be the most fun and challenging part of getting your business started. It requires a certain level of creativity and memorability. If you are buying a franchise this is a fairly easy process as you will be marketing your business under the franchise brand. However, what you may not realize is that behind the scenes you will still need a corporate name for tax filing purposes. If you are pursuing a startup business the name you select will be an important part of making your brand recognizable and engaging to customers. It is also important in the case of a startup to check availability of your name not only with the state you would like to incorporate with but also in determining the availability of a website domain. This article may help you begin the brainstorming process in naming your business. Have fun with it and enjoy the excitement of making your business your own.

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Put Yourself on the Road to Success With These 5 Principles

How do you define success?  You need to define what success means to you as part of your business discovery.  Entrepreneurship can mean independence, flexibility, doing what you love or making money.  Each entrepreneur is driven by a different goal.  However, no matter your goal there are 5 principles that may help you “put yourself… Continue Reading