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Inspiring Girls to Become Engineers: Meet Goldie Blox

Women are becoming business owners, inventors, influencers and are now able to take on roles that were once reserved exclusively for men.  Pango Financial™ empowers women with the tools to invest in their business using the DreamSpark™ Plan.

In the spirit of “Girl Power” Debbie Sterling is a wonderful example of a successful woman, inventor, engineer and business owner who is inspiring young woman with her toy Goldie Blox. “Debbie appreciates fashion and fun, she also wants girls to gain access to the wonders, excitement and power of building something.”  Debbie used Kickstarter to finance her toy and book.  Kickstarter is a crowdfunding source where people who believe in your product can contribute to your business concept and growth.  Pango Financial stays on the cutting edge on the financing tools that are available to business owners today.

Debbie has had great success and is even releasing a eagerly anticipated commercial using the Beastie Boys song ‘Girls’ and featuring three young girls having fun while using innovation.  You can get a sneak peak of the video on YouTube.

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Managing for Success: 5 Tips from Minority Business Owners

  Minority Businesses are an influential and growing in the United States. “1.9 million U.S. businesses are owned by African-Americans” as one segment of the Minority Business community. Pango Financial™ wants to provide every business owners with the tools for success. There are many national and local resources to help your minority-owned business grow. The… Continue Reading

Celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month

November is National Entrepreneurship Month and Pango Financial™ is all about enabling entrepreneurs to capitalize their ideal business opportunity. The Small Business Administration (SBA) encourages small business growth and National Entrepreneurship Month is a time to reflect on the value of small business to the American economy. The “SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation, are… Continue Reading

Decoding Your 401(k) Plan’s Ridiculous Jargon

Pango Financial™ believes in client education as part of your DreamSpark™ plan setup and maintenance. That is why we provide you with helpful frequently asked questions, a terms glossary and an intuitive client experience to easily setup your DreamSpark™ plan. One of the more intimidating parts of setting up a retirement plan of any kind… Continue Reading