More Research Shows U.S. Small Businesses Have It Better Than They Think

The United States is still the land of opportunity.  Many small business owners in the United States based on a survey done by Ernst & Young “found that the U.S. offers the best environment for entrepreneurs among the world’s largest economies.”  Also, “American small business owners are more optimistic than are their European counterparts” based on a survey from insurer Hiscox.  “Forty-eight percent of U.S. companies surveyed reported increased profits last year, the highest share among all the countries surveyed—and well above the average of 35 percent. Half of U.S. respondents were optimistic about the year to come, and 48 percent said they were happier owning a business than they would be as an employee at a larger company—both the most positive results in the survey.” Take a few minutes to learn why the United States remains a great incubator for business ownership and growth.

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