10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Day Job to Run Your Own Company

Going into business is an important life decision for you and your family.  You want to evaluate your personal situation before you decide to “run your own company.”

Here are the ten questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with your dream of business ownership.

  1. Is this going to make me happier?
  2.  Is the timing right?
  3. How will I cover my expenses?
  4. Do I have the support of family and close friends?
  5. How much am I willing to change my lifestyle?
  6. Do I truly have the discipline to be my own boss?
  7. Can I test the waters without giving up my current job?
  8. Are there skills I still need to brush up on?
  9. Am I sure my business idea is sound?
  10. Do I have a business plan?

The link below will take you to an article from www.entrepreneur.com discussing further these important questions to ask yourself before deciding to go into business for yourself.

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